“The label is the distinctive element that lets you communicate your message to your target and add value to your brand…”


BETAFLEX is present for more than 10 years in the labeling and self-adhesive labeling market with extensive experience in the creation, printing and distribution, with a young team of experienced, qualified and competent professionals.

The importance of label personalization on products is increasing as a fundamental piece in the sale of goods. BETAFLEX have the most modern machinery and highly qualified staff who can advise and work with you in finding the most suitable and cost effective solution for your business, whatever your industry.

For a product to stand out in the market it needs to have an attractive look that stimulates sales. The self-adhesive technology is an excellent solution for producing innovative and attractive labels which generate a strong incentive to purchase.

In summary, with BETAFLEX labels you can differentiate your products from their competitors and stand out in the crowd. We search for our clients an image of quality that stimulate sales by driving consumers to purchase their products.

What we do

Develop labels or tags according to your image, adhesiveness and usage.

- Self-adhesive labels in rolls with print 1 to 7 colors, special inks printing, UV finish, hot stamping, laminating and labeling for automatic or manual application.

- Self-adhesive labels, or paper (TAG) for variable data, in reels or in continuous form, for your product identification.

We work with companies from various sectors, such as pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic, chemical, beverages, food, automotive, textiles, footwear, among others.

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To offer our customers a personalized service, practical and economic solutions we are always looking for technological improvements and top grade materials. Remember that we seek to solve and adapt to the needs of each client.

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4765-486 Guimarães
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