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Develop labels or tags according to your image, adhesiveness and usage.

Plastic self-adhesive labels

Plastic or synthetic self-adhesive labels offer high quality printing, for high strength applications onto various surfaces and harsh environments like moisture, solvents, oils and dust. The labels are combined with a potent glue ideal to be sticked to multiple surfaces, from plastics to metal drums, and provides a very large resistance to the environment.

Self-adhesive labels in rolls

Self-adhesive labels in rolls with print 1 to 7 colors, special inks printing, UV finish, hot stamping, laminating and labeling for automatic or manual application.

Self-adhesive or paper labels (TAG)

Self-adhesive or paper labels (TAG) for variable data, in reels or in continuous form, for your product identification.

Self-adhesive paper labels

The self-adhesive paper labels offer excellent print quality at low cost. Ideal to be bonded to a wide variety of surfaces allowing its use on smooth materials, plastics and metals for a variety of applications. Suitable for internal use are adaptable to a wide range of temperatures and are resistant to cold, heat and moisture.



We work with companies from various sectors, such as pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic, chemical, beverages, food, automotive, textiles, footwear, among others.

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